Choosing an IDE

Integrated development environments

Many IDEs can be used to develop using the C/C++ languages. They all come with their benefits and disadvantages. Some of them are free and other are not. For example, the popular IDE Visual Studio is a paid software, but it also comes in a version called Community which is free, but does not allow the development of commercial software with a teams composed of more than 5 developers.

Not all IDEs are available on many operating systems. Code::Blocks is compatible with Windows and GNU/Linux. Visual Studio is made for Windows, but it also has a version for Mac, which, however, does not support C/C++ development. Xcode is only available on macOS.

Even though only a few are presented in the following pages, you may, without any problem, follow that course while using any IDE supporting C/C++ development.


Even though many IDEs for C/C++ development are presented in the following pages, if you are using either Windows or GNU/Linux, I recommend using Code::Blocks, and if you are using macOS, Xcode.