Installing Code::Blocks on GNU/Linux

From the Debian packages (For Debian-based distributions)

1. Go to the official website of Code::blocks:

2. Go to the download section, by clicking on Downloads.

3. Click on Download the binary release.

4. Scroll to the Linux section.

5. Download the archive for the GNU/Linux distribution Debian (amd64 if your computer is 64 bits or i386 if it is 32 bits), from either FossHUB or

6. Go to the folder where the downloaded archive is located.

8. Open a terminal.

9. Enter the command: sudo dpkg -iR ~pathToTheExtractedFolder~. Where ~pathToTheExtractedFolder~ is the path to the folder extracted from the downloaded archive.

10. Enter the command: sudo apt-get install -f. Enter Y to the question.

11. Enter the first command again.

12. Code::Blocks is now installed.