Installing Code::Blocks on GNU/Linux

Compiling Code::Blocks

Note that installing Code::Blocks from source is not recommended to beginners. It may however, on some GNU/Linux distributions, be the only way to install it. The following steps are executed on the distribution Linux Mint, which is based on the Debian-based distribution Ubuntu. Therefore, the commands presented below, used to install the dependencies, would be different on non Debian-based systems (Other package management software than apt-get and different package names).

1. Go to the official website of Code::blocks:

2. Go to the download section, by clicking on Downloads.

3. Click on Download the source code.

4. Download the archive (From FossHUB or

5. Go to the folder where you downloaded the archive.

6. Extract the archive.

7. Open a terminal.

8. From the console, go to the folder extracted from the downloaded archive. Command: cd ~pathToThefolder~.

9. Enter the command ./configure. The command may fail because of missing dependencies. Install them. The following steps show how to install some possibly missing dependencies, using the package management software apt-get, available on Debian-based distributions.

10. Enter the command sudo apt-get install libc6-dev.

10. Enter the command sudo apt-get install libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-dev.

11. Enter the command sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev.

12. Enter the command sudo apt-get install gtk+-3.0-dev.

13. Enter the command sudo apt-get install g++.

14. Once all the dependencies are installed, enter the command ./configure, again.

15. Enter the command make.

15. Enter the command sudo make install.

16. Code::Blocks is now compiled and installed! Restart your computer and you show should see it appear in the application list.