Installing Visual Studio Community

This page will show how to install the IDE Visual Studio Community 2019. The Community version is free (Otherwise Visual Studio is expensive). The difference between the community version and the professional one is in the license. For example, with the community edition, we can use it commercially with a team composed of a maximum of 5 developers.

1. Go to the official Visual Studio website:

Note that Visual Studio Code is not the same as Visual Studio.

2. Download the Visual Studio Community installer.

3. Open the downloaded installer.

4. Only check Desktop development with C++. Then click on the button Install.

Visual Studio is installing.

5. Click on Sign in to login into your Microsoft account (Or create one and then login into it). If you do not do it now, you will be asked later to do it before being able to use Visual Studio Community.

6. Choose an interface theme. Then click on Start Visual Studio.

7. Visual Studio Community 2019 is now installed.